Even though some people think otherwise, elephants are some of the most lovable and most clever animals on the planet. Like humans, they are very open-hearted and make it obvious when something is bothering them.


This is what happened to one Indian elephant back in 2015. The villagers noticed that this elephant was digging a hole. That could be normal, but in this case, he was digging a hole for 11 hours straight and even throughout the night. Finally, they understood what she was doing, and they were stunned.

The Elephant Herd

A few years ago, a huge herd of about 60 elephants were seen walking through a dusty area of northeastern India. This area is popular for its high altitude and rainy seasons. The forests are also home to some of the most endangered animals.


This herd of elephants were passing by the Chatra district, which is about 160km from Ranchi city. Ranchi is famously called a “City of Water Falls.” It was also a place where you could often see migrating elephants.

Traveling Elephants

Elephants are considered the largest land mammal in the world. Aside from humans, lions are the only predators strong enough to kill elephants. But even then, one lion can’t do it alone. Despite their size, they are very gentle creatures.

They only become aggressive when they feel a strong need to protect themselves. In the Chatra district, people were used to seeing elephants passing through for migration. However, they noticed that one elephant was acting odd.

What Was It Doing?

The villagers soon noticed that this elephant was acting erratically. The other elephants had gone, but this one chose to get left behind. Hours had passed, and she was still there on her own. What was she doing?

As the villagers gathered around her, they noticed that she had her head down, as if she were trying to do something in the muddy field. The questions soon floated around. Why did she choose to get left behind? What was in the mud?


Everybody knew elephants lived together in large herds, separated by female and male. They only came together when it was mating season or for short social interactions. Female elephants band together and raise the babies together.

So seeing this elephant all on their own made them more curious. However, soon enough, after much observation, they finally found out why the elephant was alone and what she was doing in the muddy field.

Causing A Stir

The elephant’s behaviour worried the villagers. She seemed panicked, but they couldn’t figure out why she was acting like that. They observed as the elephant kept repeatedly pushing her trunk into the ground.

The villagers were dumbfounded as they tried to think of a reason behind her frantic behaviour. But the question that they really wanted an answer to was why she decided to separate from the elephant herd.

Having A Look

Elephants always stick together no matter the circumstance. If one member of the herd is sick, the others try and help out. If a member is injured or has to walk slow, the other elephants will match their pace. If one dies, they all mourn together.

That is how strong the bond between an elephant herd is. However, they were now nowhere to be seen. The elephant was all on her own. The villagers noticed this and tried to have a closer look at what the elephant was doing in the dirt.

Trying To Help

The villagers had become very curious and wanted to see what the elephant was doing up close. However, they were afraid the elephant was injured and would be defensive. They were scared it would attack them.

However, the villagers could not just stand by and watch. They knew there was something wrong, and they wanted to help, but they were too scared to approach. Finally, one man gathered his courage and decided to approach.

Approaching The Elephant

One villager named Jitendra Tiwari got tired of just waiting and staring at the elephant. So, he decided to approach the elephant gently. Small step after small step, he finally managed to get closer to the creature.


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